Dark Hedges in North of Ireland is a must go place, it was very hard to find it but it was all worth it. I would love to go back there in a different time of the year.

I found out that I love to shot festivals 😀

I took this shots while in Denmark in the Distortion festival, I hope I manage to go there again in 2015 😉

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I’m getting addicted to this type of shots, and now I started to experiment in the city 😉

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Sometimes we just lack inspiration or ideas, when this happen to me I just walk around and I just might find what I’m looking for :)

Infrared photography, what is needed?

I’m no expert in Infrared Photography but I enjoy doing it!

Well to start with infrared photography you will need an IR filter (I use Hoya R72), a tripod and a camera. Not all cameras will allow you to take photos in Infrared. To know if your camera can allow you to do it, point your TV remote to your camera, set your camera in live view mode, and press some buttons in the remote, if you see a light, it means your camera can take IR photos, you most likely will also need a tripod.

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This photo was taken in Setubal (I think) in my last trip to Portugal.

Photography is great to explore your creativity, if weather doesn’t allow you to go out use it for your benefit :)

It all started back in 2008, when I was seeking inspiration in a popular website (Deviantart) that I found this amazing photo from Denis Olivier that was in long exposure, was puzzled and speechless at the same time, my knowledge of photography was very low back when and I wondered how he took a long exposure shot, obviously at that time I didn’t even know what long exposure was, so it was quite hard to find more photos of the same style. After several attempts I did find what was the name of the technique and how I could do it myself. So I ordered a ND400 to stop the light coming inside the sensor allowing me to do long exposures during the day. That was the changing point in my photography, I started going out of the house to shot and started to take long exposures of pretty much everything I can imagine, from cars to people to watches or books, everything could be a long exposure subject, that also allowed my creativity to kick in and do some great work. Currently I don’t do as much long exposure as I used to do, I still plan to come back to it, but with the time and experience I started to realize what really works and what doesn’t for long exposures, now I like to mix styles and techniques to archive my idea. I will post down some long exposures have done over the years. I will create a short tutorial at a later stage about long exposure at a later stage.


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Last night I went to do some night trail experiments, it was minus 10 and we stayed for about 3h shooting :) I’m loving the results and I need to do more of this soon :)

I stacked 45 images to reach this result.

As most of you are now aware my favorite topic is landscape photography. Many people ask me why I don’t do portraits. Well my answer is very simple, I’m not good at it I would like to be but I’m not I just can’t connect to people to a level that would allow me to express myself. This picture was different, it’s of my daughter and on that day we decided to go for a walk and I wanted to try my new Canon 90mm tilt shift lens, I was going to take a photo of the bench when my daughter asked me to take a photo of her, so I told her to just sit there and I will play around with the lens a bit. When I arrived home I came to realize that I just loved this particular shot, her expression is outstanding and I just love everything about it! As much as I love landscape there is nothing like the local pictures I take with my family and friends, as much as I love to be out there there is something special being right here.